Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Keep On Coming

Alpha 2 is out!

WarAnakin's latest improvement on his last build. Coming along great!



Reverend said...

This post from the working thread summarizes some of the salient points regarding installation and usage of the fix.

NE said...

I've mirrored both alphas on my site

robseth said...

You guys rock! My two year old ATI X800 is far from obsolete. Thanks for all your hard work.

Reverend said...

I have updated the Patch Summary here. Wish I had access to this blog, though. That would simplify the process of keeping all this information together.

ThePrivateJoker said...

Will this work with a radeon 850?
So far I can't see enough to actually play the game.

robseth said...

privatejoker, it is still pretty clunky on my X800 too, but that's why they call it an alpha release. :)

Give 'em time, it will get better. The fact that so much progress has been made in such a short period is amazing to me.

ThePrivateJoker said...

I stand positively corrected.
I following the instructions (got rid of the 2 cache files), and I can see a enough to play the demo. Great work on this Alpha!! It proves our hardware is till fine. I had no issue with frame rates, just textures..
This game looks worth the effort!!