Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beta Two Is released!

Download it here:

Fixes :-Fixed all missing textures
-Added HQ shaders
-Water is present
-Added a nice HDR like effect (Low HDR simulation only ! High HDR simulation not available in this release.)

Issues :-Some textures are still dark
-Pole lights, not working properly
-Missing collision effect for water


Torch Dragon said...

I have posted the file on my website for mirroring purposes. It can be found at

I'll be checking this out as soon as I can and will report back with my results.

Thanks again for the continued work.

Ricardo said...

hi. i have a x700 mobility and this isn't working for me. In the beggining all i see is flames and some reflections in the water. i can't see any plane or tower. I can't find any door... please make it work

Ricardo said...

working now... i had to delete some files... it's very slow but i could play it... thanks

ThePrivateJoker said...

What graphic settings should be used? I have 850. I see lots of improvement but I don't see water and the ocean in the demo is dark.

Thanks a million again for all your efforts!

Ratman_84 said...

It's strange. In Asankel's fix the graphics looked right, but he had missing textures that were whited out. Namely the windows and puddles of water on the ground.

In beta 1 there weren't any whited out textures, but the graphics didn't look quite right.

Now in beta 2, the graphics look right, but the exact same textures that were whited out in Asankel's fix are blacked out. Very strange.

I'll mess around with some stuff and see if it's something on my side. If not I'll have to go back to beta 1. Thanks again for all the hard work you're doing.

P.S. I'm using an x850pro.

Dale said...

i'm just wondering with this patch will the demo work with the intel 950GMA, if not will it work in conjunction with 3danalyzer?

ThePrivateJoker said...

err. There is over 5,200 'signatures' on the petition.
Does this mean 2K will get their act together and do this?
I hope so or it will be the first fps I don't buy.

Daniel said...

Got Shock up and running on my X600 with Beta 1. Looking forward to trying Beta 2 tomorrow, thanks mate!

Dale said...

please can somebody help me get this working on the 950GMA

mandrake(no linux) said...

Please put the fix other from rapidshare cause i cannot take it

funky said...

I love that you're doing this, I swear if you manage to perfect this (or atleast make it somewhat more visually appealing) you will be a god among men. I speak for everyone with SM 2 cards when I say you're doing a great thing by making this work. If you could fix the load time so it's not 15 mins between each load then

Dale said...

can somebody please help me and tell me if the demo with this patch can be run on an Intel 950GMA?

Ø.U.¯|¯.L.Å.VV said...

I don't wanna buy Bioshock until I know there is a fix for the retail game.

So does this fix work only for the demo or can it be used for the retail game as well?

GldRush98 said...

Excellent work! The patch works great with my x850xt!
The patch does cause a 5 to 6 minute delay when loading each round. A little annoying, but a small sacrifice to make to be able to play this game with out buying a $300 video card.

ater said...

Ricardo... You have x700 mobility and it didn't work. I have x700 pro (PCI express) and it's not working. What'd you delete to make it work?
I too only see flames and water, but no plane or tower. It's better than before, but still unplayable.

ater said...

I tested both betas the alpha and asankel's fix. None of them work. I can see a red blinking light, so I assume that's the lighthouse, but I definitely can't play. Any help would be appreciated (I'm playing the demo).

oscar said...

anyone whit intel cards(or less than ati9600//geforce6600): you should buy antoher card or u never ll play any decent game.

Jengu said...

To people with intel's lower than the 965 (the X3000 and X3100 cards) there's no chance you'll ever play the game even with mods. Those cards don't even support pixel shaders.

The X3100 will probably benefit from the mod, but performance is still going to be bad compared to an nvidia or ATI card. Intel is just beginning to make better cards now, and they have a market niche as the budget-just-enough-to-run-Aero manufacturer, so they're still generally a bad buy for gamers.

ater said...

I'm running a pentium 4, 3.0 ghz hyperthreading processor with 1 gig of ram and a radeon x700 pro. None of the patches work. Someone with an x700 mobility was having similar troubles, said he deleted something... Here's an example of some of the crazy things I see:
The cubes on the right reflect light somehow, as do the "windows" of some sort in the middle, and i think those squares that used to be black dots are actually just mini-windows that reflect light. It's really weird in game, but I don't feel like frapping it and throwing it on youtube.
Anyway, key points: x700 pro, doesn't work, some guy got x700 mobility to work by deleting something... Any ideas?

foureyedtroll said...

I am currently running an AMD Sempron 2800+ 2GHz, 512MB RAM computer with an ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 256MB. When I install any of the patches for SM2.0, it fails to load at the menu screen right after the developer adverts at the beginning. Any clues?

Other than that, I admire what you guys are doing. if there is anywhere to provide donations to you folks please point me in the right direction.

Ricardo said...

ater: see this page

computernerd said...

It doesn't work on my Geforce 5900XT :(

Bioshock just has a black screen after the logo's(nvidia, 2k and stuff)
Then after ~1 minute it exits.

xavier54 said...

hi all i downloaded the patch but its not working anymor? ricardo could you tel me what file did you have to delet after instaling this patch cause it's may be the corigine of my problem i think
thank you!!

sorry for my english