Friday, August 31, 2007

Q and A

Reading some of the comments, I wanted to reply but also wanted to make sure the replies were seen. So Im doing a Q and A instead

Q: What is the most current release?
A: Beta 2 is still our latest release, available here:

Download Beta Two Here!

The next beta/prerelease will be out "when its done"

Q: How do I install the patch?

If you have Steam:

Put the file in C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\bioshock\Builds\Release (thanks Paul)

If you have the Box:

Put the file in C:\Program Files\2k Games\Bioshock\Builds\release

Q:Whats the best video card this patch will work with?

A: Any card after ATI 9800XT/ nVidia 6600 should work fine, but anything before that, including integrated graphics and the like, I wouldnt count on it.

If you find yourself still in doubt, if you can run FEAR or Half Life 2 at a good clip on Medium/High settings, this patch should work.

Q:Will this work on the retail game?

Q:What about Steam?
A:Either the Box or the steam version will work, but install differently. Check out above to see where to put the files

Q:Who coded beta two? (Nobody asked this, but Im making it a question anyways)
A:WarAnakin did. I (ScottJG) am only working as a publicist as of now until documentation from WarAnakin is released.

Q:Theres over 5k Signatures on the petition. Does that mean 2k Games is coming out with an official fix?
A:There was never any announcement by 2k that I know of that said if 5k gamers sign the petition they will add in SM 2.0 support. Anything you heard was probably a rumor.

Ask questions in the comment section as well and Ill add answers here as we go.


Dale said...

Hi I wonder if you can help me, you mention that people with intergrated graphics if they can run hl2 at medium to high then they should be able to run this. I can run hl2 with everything on high, but I can not run this.

The demo starts by showing the splash screen then you see a window appear, then the window disappears. any ideas what might be wrong?

thank you for this great patch

Bioshock Fix said...

What graphics card/integrated graphics do you have?

Its kinda hard to know if it will work if you dont give some specs! :)

paul said...

Just to let you know that the fix works fine with the Steam version of the game, I had to put the file in C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\bioshock\Builds\Release.

ThePrivateJoker said...
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ThePrivateJoker said...
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ThePrivateJoker said...

This one fixes particles also!

OneMoreThingWhy said...

Hi. my friend helped me with the Beta 2. I have an Radeon X800 ati 256mb i believe vcard. and When i play the game it runs perfectly, its just real dark at some places. [played demo]. Was wondering why and is there a fix for it and something me and my friend might have done wrong with the beta 2.

Dale said...

I have a intel 950GMA, hl2 & fear works fine with the chipset. any ideas?

Bioshock Fix said...

Dale, I cant see how Half Life 2 worked, on high at 800*600 I hear of scores of 22 Frames per second average :p

With that being said, I dont really know what to say. An integrated graphics card really isnt a good solution to gaming, but it should still be able to do it somewhat.

I read on the tech support page for the card that it offers shader model 3.0 through software emulation, so perhaps you dont even need the patch? Did you try it without, and if so what happened?

acdc125 said...

I downloaded the beta file, bur how do you actually install the fix :S

I don't see a read-me or any explanation how to do it.

Bioshock Fix said...

I updated the FAQs to include it (under where to download)

Hope it helps! :)

David said...

Is there any way to speed up the slow loading of levels with this patch? If so, do you intend to do this in a future version?


Sam said...

I have a ATI Radion x600 With HyperMemory, a Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ with HyperThreading. 1gb RAM.

Any ideas why I still don't get water ?

I just get a pure white sheet, Is there some settings i'm missing?

Dale said...

Hi mate, seems as it says I can run PS 3.0 through software how would I be able to do that and get it to work with this game, as the game requires PS 3.0 through hardware. Please can you help?

Just to let you that games like oblivion works with this chip using oldblivion.

Sam said...

You have a GMA 950?

I have one of those in my laptop.
As far as i know, The 950 only supports PS2.0. even though it has vertex shader 3.0

Dale said...
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Dale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale said...

yeah I do. its true it has vertex shader 3.0, is there any way of enabling it to work with this game? does this work for you?

have you tried this patch with the full game or the demo on your laptop with that chip?

Please can you help me

ater said...

I'm running radeon x700 pro, with intel pentium 4 3.0 ghz hyperthreading and a gig of ram. Simply put, none of the fixes work for me. I tried both betas, the alpha, and asankel's.
Another guy (ricardo) was having trouble with an x700 mobility, said he got it to work after deleting some files, but didn't say what he deleted.
Any idea what I should try?

Mike said...

Hey, I got the fix working, only one problem- I can run the game on low graphical setting and it runs lag free, but everything is very dark and some textures are missing. When I move the game up to medium graphics, everything is there as it should be, but it is laggy. Is there some way to get everything to show in low graphics mode? Im using a Radeon Mobility Xpress 200- It can run Half life 2 on high perfectly.

Dale said...

mike is the radeon like the intel 950GMA?

Mike said...

uh im not sure, its the card that came with my hp pavillion dv9000 laptop, I think its working now but their are big black sections on the floor and the water is white, im gonna try and use beta 2 now again.

Danny said...

Just finished the game on my old 9800 pro. Thanks so much for this!

Looking forward to the next beta for my next play through.

I too have the same problem mike does with black textures and lots of white water. And I'm running it on the low graphics settings and its really dark/missing some textures. Is there one thing we could turn on to fix this while not turning on a bunch of graphics settings that will cause it to lag?

Bioshock Fix said...

From what I understand, the reason things are so dark is we took out some lighting effects that worked best with SM3.0. The water might also have something to do with that fact as well. We'll keep plugging at it :)

Danny said...

Cool! Thanks again.

Dale said...

so your intel 950GMA works with the game or the demo? how did you get it working? what did you do?

I would really love to play this game so much

Please can somebody help

Mike said...

well now that i've started to play Ive noticed a few things.
I;m using Beta1, since #2 oddly seems worse graphically for me. The water is still white, and the with the added darkness is really hard to see, once you fix that and the water then by all means its perfect. Also, the load time for my game takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes for a autosave, when I try to load my own save it either takes over 20 minutes or just never loads and freezes. But I can still play and thank you guys so much for doing this.

Dale said...

is it the demo or the full game you are playing? your chipset is Intel 950GMA? what drivers are you using? can you post a link to them for me so I can get it working with my chipset

Dale said...


can you please check under display properties for what chipset you have on your pavillion dv9000 laptop

Dale said...

please can somebody help

Mike can you please tell me your specs for your HP laptop

Mike said...


its a HP Pavillion Laptop dv9000, Ati Radeon mobility xpress 200 video card, Amd turion 64 for my cpu. I think its a little better than you card dale, not sure. What part cant you run?

Dale said...

when I run the demo or the game it starts by showing the splash screen logo then you see a window appear, then the window disappears. I have tried beta 1 & beta 2, but it still does it.

it doesn't come with any error message, it just disappears.

I would really like to run this game, please can somebody help?

Dale said...

do you need vertex shaders to play this game? my chipset has them but as far as I know only in software.

Any ideas please?

Notrue said...

Game runs smoothly and all, thx! i got two problems, one, i takes 5-10 mins to load, but it seems everyone is having promblems with that so its ok, second, my game is TOTALLY DARK, pitch black, i can barely see where im going any trics to get lights up?
I cheked some ofthe screen shot, an in start i can barely see the tower, and there no sky, its pitch black.

I got ATI x850xt
2.5ghz amd
1Gb of memory.

Thx again for the patch.

Dale said...

please can somebody help me get this game working with my intel 950 GMA.

Notrue said...

tal said...

I have a x850xt sapphire, i dont understand why does the patch wont work...i cant see the water in the beginning and the whole game looks like crap

ater said...

I'm running a pentium 4, 3.0 ghz hyperthreading processor with 1 gig of ram and a radeon x700 pro. None of the patches work. Someone with an x700 mobility was having similar troubles, said he deleted something... Here's an example of some of the crazy things I see:
The cubes on the right reflect light somehow, as do the "windows" of some sort in the middle, and i think those squares that used to be black dots are actually just mini-windows that reflect light. It's really weird in game, but I don't feel like frapping it and throwing it on youtube.
Anyway, key points: x700 pro, doesn't work, some guy got x700 mobility to work by deleting something... Any ideas?

Notrue said...

AOH4 FOR 2.0b shaders is the best. x700 x800 and x850 are 2.0b. It even got particles!

Beta 2 probably best for 2.0 atm, shit luck sucks.


Notrue said...

Ok, seems i was little wrong with beta 2 being best for 2.0
check the forum for Flintfix
Note this is for 2.0
for 2.0b use AOH4.

ater said...

Wow notrue. I was there yesterday and looked right over the bit saying "AOH Version 4 (for SM2.0b: Radeon X700-X800-X850)"
Thanks for pointing that out.

Mike said...

lol are the people who made beta 1-2 even still working on the next one?

Bernat said...

I have a Radeon 9600 XT / X1050 series. And Bioshock works. With same problems as many pepole:
White water, black textures, also, the gamma is weird.
Shall I send images?

Crud said...

just wish to thank you for you and the others quick and hard work.
I have a Dell Laptop with an ATI 9800xt in it.
Been able to always play any game that comes out.
Even HL2 and such.
I bought BIOSHOCK on a friends recommendation, not even thinking that I could not play it.
Wow, what a horrible surprise.
I usually do some research to make sure the game is good, but not this time... sigh.
Can not upgrade and even if i could would cost money just for a game...
No thank you.
At least you have made it possible, although missing a lot of textures, to play.
I fell like I am in a bad 1970 disco, because were ever the textures are missing I have bright yellow and green areas.... eeek.
Not your fault Take Twos fault.
Seems to me if you guys could do what you have done, without the inside info on all the games ins and outs, they could do it too.
Bad decision on their part.

Thank you guys very very much for this.
Looking forward to what you our Take 2 comes up with in the future.

p2020 said...

I have an X700 pro, 1 gb of ram and it works fine, although i hate everything being so dark, (that's how the game was made? i like seeing things :P )

superboytonton said...

I dont know if anyone has encountered this but i can play Bioshock, but after the plane crash there is no sound!!!!!!(there is in the intro(airplane scene)) i have windows vista (ultimate) and when i used this patch when i had Windows xp it worked fine!! help PLZ!!!!!!

{Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080@1.73GHz 1918MB Ram (ATI)32-bit Operating System

dalieu said...

I just played the BioShock demo on my ATi X800 XT (AIW). I used the AOH Version 4.5 (for SM2.0b: Radeon X700-X800-X850) found here:

The thing I found out though is that the shaders get cached. So if you tried another version of the hacked shader patch, you might have to delete/rename the cached files. So what I did was rename both the ShaderCache.pcs & ShaderCache.pcs10 (unsure if you must rename this one, but I did) to something else. These files are located under the

C:\Program Files\2K Games\

directory. You can also read this site for more info:

Thanks all & great job to all those who participated in this shader hack project.

John Hill said...

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