Monday, August 27, 2007

Beta Patch Movies and Screens

Beta Patch Movies: (Thanks x850XT User!)

Alpha Screens Compared to Beta Screens: (Thanks Joel!)


Parsa said...

Hey Scott, thanks a lot for the patch. I really appreciate it. It still amazes me that you were able to virtually fix this thing in a matter of days by yourself. I only notice two issues on the beta patch.

1. The characters either don't cast shadows or they cast shadows that look like giant black blocks. The objects that are supposed to cast shadows don't cast shadows either.

2. The water is white in some areas.

Besides that this patch is perfect.

Bioshock Fix said...

Oh dont think for a second I was able to fix this all myself. Without WarAnakin and many others, none of this would be possible.

Torch Dragon said...

You all deserve beers. I was incredibly pissed when I found out (upon reaching a cursorless menu) that the game was SM3.0 only. It nearly wrecked my entire weekend. The choices I had for playing game were limited to spending about $800 to build a new system. (Socket 939, AGP *sigh*). But then like angels, you guys descended upon a bad production decision and turned it into salvation.

Hearty thanks!

Ratman_84 said...

Yeah, super kudos for doing this. You're doing for free what paid employees of 2k should have done. I made a post in a gaming forum about you guys and the fix. Should help out a lot of people.

And yeah, for me it's just the majority of the water that's still white and for some odd reason, most of the sections of glass in the windows that face out into the ocean. Sometimes there will be a section of glass that is fine and I can look out, but most of the sections are white. And some of the areas of the game look too dark. Not sure if that's just the way it's supposed to be or what.

But awesome job so far guys. You helped confirm what I already suspected, that my rig can run this game flawlessly even without shader 3.0

Ratman_84 said...

Was doing some reading. Looks like it might be overly dark because there's no advanced lighting present with the fix. That's cool then.

Also, I just realized the white window problem might be because I was trying out the Asankel fix.

David said...

I spent about a day pricing out upgrades to my system before giving up and realizing, as good as the game could be, it just wasn't worth the money. Amazing that you and a couple of programmers could put this together -- great work, and thank you!

ater said...

wow... how the hell does this thing know my name to let me post?

Anyway, I just wanted to say you guys are amazing. I was thinking I might have to buy a $90 gfx card to play this game. Now I won't have to do that and I might actually get to play this game.

Crud said...

just wish to thank you for you and the others quick and hard work.
I have a Dell Laptop with an ATI 9800xt in it.
Been able to always play any game that comes out.
Even HL2 and such.
I bought BIOSHOCK on a friends recommendation, not even thinking that I could not play it.
Wow, what a horrible surprise.
I usually do some research to make sure the game is good, but not this time... sigh.
Can not upgrade and even if i could would cost money just for a game...
No thank you.
At least you have made it possible, although missing a lot of textures, to play.
I fell like I am in a bad 1970 disco, because were ever the textures are missing I have bright yellow and green areas.... eeek.
Not your fault Take Twos fault.
Seems to me if you guys could do what you have done, without the inside info on all the games ins and outs, they could do it too.
Bad decision on their part.

Thank you guys very very much for this.
Looking forward to what you our Take 2 comes up with in the future.