Friday, August 24, 2007

Alpha Release!

Latest Bioshock SM 2.0 fix

Download it here:

Extract it to the following directory (default)
\Program Files\2kGames\Bioshock Demo\Builds\Release


For the retail Game

Backup the shadercache.pcs file somewhere safe and then delete it from the \Bioshock\Release directory

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boylie said...

People in the 2k forums seem to be saying that this alpha release is taking way longer then the 5 or 6 minutes the initial fix was taking... What exactly has changed? From the screens people are posting, it doesn't visually look much different. Just wondering. Keep up the good work though :D. It's awesome that someone is taking the initiative to fix this, even if 2k won't.

Kim Ruben said...

Hmmm strange, when I use this one lots of stuff that were textured before is completely black now, like the suitcase, front of the airplane and all the stuff in the water in the beginning when you're swimming to the surface. Also the batysphere is all black now.

zkaah said...
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SnakeBite22 said...

God Bless those good peoples who trying to help us. The poor SM2.0 Cards users..


Reverend said...

You can more simply disallow Bioshock access to the ShaderErrors folder by creating a blank, extensionless file named "ShaderErrors" in the Application Data\Bioshock\ folder.

zkaah said...

From forums, shorter instructions

********* the patch and extract into \Program Files\2kGames\Bioshock Demo\Builds\Release

2. go into C:/documents and settings/(YOUR USER NAME)/application data/bioshock delete the file called shadererrors. go to the tools tab press folder options -> view -> uncheck hide extensions for known file types. in that same folder create new text doc with wordpad called ShaderErrors. make sure theres no .txt on the end.

its still a work in progress but the load times aren't too long and some textures are there. enjoy the game.


You may delete my earlier post.

zkaah said...


Note that you also have to delete the *.pcs and *.pcs10 files from the Release folder or a lot of things will still be screwed up.

Zbyszek said...

I have ATI Radeon 9550/ x1050
bioshock does not like my card.
I tried the ver 2 beta and it worked slow and dark, very dark(unplayable),
but big improvment from original game.
Now ver 2 alpha totally hangs up my machine on start of the game.
Any ideas?