Friday, August 31, 2007

Q and A

Reading some of the comments, I wanted to reply but also wanted to make sure the replies were seen. So Im doing a Q and A instead

Q: What is the most current release?
A: Beta 2 is still our latest release, available here:

Download Beta Two Here!

The next beta/prerelease will be out "when its done"

Q: How do I install the patch?

If you have Steam:

Put the file in C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\bioshock\Builds\Release (thanks Paul)

If you have the Box:

Put the file in C:\Program Files\2k Games\Bioshock\Builds\release

Q:Whats the best video card this patch will work with?

A: Any card after ATI 9800XT/ nVidia 6600 should work fine, but anything before that, including integrated graphics and the like, I wouldnt count on it.

If you find yourself still in doubt, if you can run FEAR or Half Life 2 at a good clip on Medium/High settings, this patch should work.

Q:Will this work on the retail game?

Q:What about Steam?
A:Either the Box or the steam version will work, but install differently. Check out above to see where to put the files

Q:Who coded beta two? (Nobody asked this, but Im making it a question anyways)
A:WarAnakin did. I (ScottJG) am only working as a publicist as of now until documentation from WarAnakin is released.

Q:Theres over 5k Signatures on the petition. Does that mean 2k Games is coming out with an official fix?
A:There was never any announcement by 2k that I know of that said if 5k gamers sign the petition they will add in SM 2.0 support. Anything you heard was probably a rumor.

Ask questions in the comment section as well and Ill add answers here as we go.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beta Two Is released!

Download it here:

Fixes :-Fixed all missing textures
-Added HQ shaders
-Water is present
-Added a nice HDR like effect (Low HDR simulation only ! High HDR simulation not available in this release.)

Issues :-Some textures are still dark
-Pole lights, not working properly
-Missing collision effect for water

Monday, August 27, 2007

Beta Patch Movies and Screens

Beta Patch Movies: (Thanks x850XT User!)

Alpha Screens Compared to Beta Screens: (Thanks Joel!)

Asankel Fix

Hey guys, just thought I would update you

Another person has made a Bioshock SM 2.0 Fix, you can check it out here

Its supposedly right up there with our beta :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We Keep On Coming

Alpha 2 is out!

WarAnakin's latest improvement on his last build. Coming along great!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Alpha Release!

Latest Bioshock SM 2.0 fix

Download it here:

Extract it to the following directory (default)
\Program Files\2kGames\Bioshock Demo\Builds\Release


For the retail Game

Backup the shadercache.pcs file somewhere safe and then delete it from the \Bioshock\Release directory

Dont forget to sign our petition!